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Designed to stack NG PCB's to the next process in FIFO way located next to SPI machine

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  • PCB shock-free and pusher free
  • RS-232C interface with SPI
  • NG PCB anti-touch verfication
  • Transfer GOOD PCB to the next machine in FIFO way
  • Increased line effiency in model exchange of screen printer
  • Adjustable stacking q'ty of NG, GOOD PCB(NG+GOOD=10)
  • SMEMA interface, Compact design
  • LED tower light, Touch screen operation


  • Motorized auto width control system
  • Monitor-Keyboard-Mouse stand

table 026


20100429111057 3284Operation

  • A worker filters NG PCB by hands one by one
  • Mounter stops operation during mask clean time
  • Difficult to stop SPI, while a worker picks up NG PCB
  • Difficult to re-insert NG PCB after visual inspection


  • NO need to filter NG PCB except NG PCB's are full in the device
  • The PCB in the multi rack moves in FIFO way during mask clean time
  • SPI operates normally even during NG PCB verification
  • Convenience of good change by call function