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Automatically attach BAR CODE or 2D CODE Label on PCB


  • On PCB board supplied by Conveyor in the next processing of Reflow

1) After separating barcode or 2nd code label which is supplied from Label Printer with Printer, Absorbed and picked up on head and then Installed on PCB.

2) It is possible to have the exact label working by using camera that is option.

3) Automatically selected model options and possible to use multi-using without tools.

  • PC & PLC Control Method
  • SERVO MOTOR Control System ( High Accuracy )
  • Auto PCB Clamping inside
  • SMEMA Interface
  • Line Data Management System
  • Conveyor Auto width Control System


  • Label Printer (Reading Rate over 99.9%)
  • 17" LCD Monitor
  • Label Disuse Unit Install
  • Variety PCB ARRAY Action
  • Prompt Putting Time
  • Minimization Model Change Time (Data Construction)
  • Prompt Process in Printing Data
  • Prompt Checking in Printing Data
  • Customized Manufacturing