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PCB Depaneling Off-line Router System

- Twin tables stand-alone router
- Multi-Spindle for the highest throughput
- Simultaneous Mixed Production
- Large sized twin working tables
- Synchronous Mode for large size board
- Quick & easy Programming upon GUI

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(1)Multi-Head Technology

Simultaneous operation with two(2) spindle motors
Enables the highest throughput with multi-head even at stand-alone station
Production Volume per day : Max. More than 23K PCB (based on 22hr operation)
Effect to reduce User's investment cost in space, operator, and system compared to competitor's stand-alone router (Our 1 system = Competitor's 2 system)


'Mixed Production' enabled with independently working double(2) tables
Individual operation with two different models on each table
Simultaneous operation with one model on both table
Minimize idle time with double tables
Powerful program copy & offset function to extremely reduce teaching time
Synchronous use of twin table for large size PCB

(3)Convenience & Efficiency

Easiest & quickest program teaching by Camera & MPG
Teaching time for new product : less than 15 min
Minimize program teaching time with powerful and convenient 'Program Copy Function'
Changeover time : less than 2 min
'Spindle Mate' : Diagnostic spindle status (each spindle's current) checking with pre-warning to prevent PCB damage
Computer based control & user friendly GUI based on Windows XP environment
Large sized 15" Touch LCD monitor applied for operator's easy manipulation
ESD protecting 1 sets of Ionizer System (Area ionizing type)
Join PL(Product Liability) Insurance

System Characteristics Dimensions 1000 x 1200 x 1500 mm (WxDxH)
Weight Approx. 580 kg (w/o Dust Collector)
Axis Configuration 5-axes AC servo motor
Working Table Twin
Moving Speed 1,000 mm/sec (Max)
Cutting Speed 50 mm/sec (Max)
Cutting Accuracy ±0.1 mm
Repeatability ±0.02 mm
Spindle Motor 150W, 60K rpm(Max)
Number of Spindle 2 (as standard)
Spindle Pitch Adjust Automatic by AC servo
Controller PC based control system
Program Environment Windows & Graphical User Interface(GUI)
Display TFT LCD 15" touch monitor
Data Acquisition Camera with MPG
Noise Level 70 ± 3 dB
Jig Type Dedicated pallet type
PCB Load Height 945 + 50 mm
Dust Collector 2HP, 3-phase 220V or 380V
Dust Removal Bottom flow
Installation Requirements Power Supply 1-phase 220V, 50/60Hz
Air Pressure 5.5 kg/cm2 (80PSI)
PCB Specifications Available Size 350 x 400 mm (Max)
Thickness 0.4 ~ 3.0 mm
Option 3-Spindle Head (including automatic spindle pitch adjustment)
4-Spindle Head (including automatic spindle pitch adjustment)